Annie woke up two weeks later after being knocked unconscious by a blow to the head in the final episode of Skull Island.

The first season of Skull Island has come to a spectacular finale with Kong facing off against a new MonsterVerse Titan!

The new Netflix Anime Skull Island has eight episodes and is the first television show with a recognized position in the Legendary MonsterVerse. The series, which follows Kong’s earlier activities Godzilla vs. Konggives viewers a deeper look into the nature of Skull Island and puts a new group of humans at risk.

Here’s a summary of what happened in the Skull Island season finale and what it implies for the destinies of the characters.

Skull Island: Why does Irene want to find Annie?

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Irene instantly makes great efforts to kidnap Annie. She seems unfazed despite losing several mercenaries she recruited. Irene also hired Hiro and Mike to look for Annie, it’s revealed.

They spoke with a GI who informed them about the undiscovered islands, particularly Skull Island. He also warned them that if they went there they wouldn’t return. For Hiro, this turns out to be a prophecy.

Irene reveals the reality to Annie that She is her mother. Irene believed that her daughter and her husband all died and were buried. She had the impression that Annie had passed ten years.

Irene is a really prosperous woman. She used her resources to find out about it and started an intensive search for Annie. Hiro and Mike made a small portion of it.

Who Are the Characters who wear the mask?

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The squid Titan may be gone, but one Skull Island character has a new challenge after the season finale. Like what Charlie saw in episode 5, she caught a veiled woman.

The mysterious person, accompanied by others in his costume, swore that he would pay for “what he did to Kong.”

The show does not say who they’re, but the undeniable fact that they’re aligned with Kong could indicate that they’re members of the Iwi tribe, who worship Kong in the MonsterVerse. They died before Godzilla vs. Kong, even though they may still be alive on Skull Island.

What they will do with Charlie was not stated in the episode, but if Kong can forgive Annie and the Hound for taking the necklace, there’s a powerful possibility that he will forgive Charlie as well. Unfortunately for Charlie, his masters can decide what to do with him rather than allowing Kong to choose.

Skull Island ended with an unforeseen time jump.

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Annie woke up two weeks later after being knocked unconscious by a blow to the head in the final episode of Skull Island. She was transferred outside Skull Island to a city in an unknown world region, much to her surprise.

This implies that when the characters had recovered from the rising tide, Irene and Sam could call for help by water or air. This plan of action had previously been avoided because of the existence of squid and long-standing extensions, but its defeat appears to have opened the door to a rescue.

What happened to Mike?

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It is critical to remember that the entire purpose of tempting Kong into the fight with the villain of Skull Island was to open a way for their escape so that Mike could be treated for his sickness.

However, the finale of Skull Island needs to tell if the characters carried out their plan. He was last seen collapsing after saving Cap, causing Cap to pick him up and take him out into the rain.

The new human group that Charlie met may be the only alternative to medical treatment. They may bear in mind of a natural remedy that can eradicate the disease.