Ellen Pompeo explained the reason behind leaving Grey’s Anatomy. Many Hollywood celebrities are notable for certain characters they’ve portrayed in certain series and films.

And that’s the reason why fans remember their characters’ names more than their real identities. But if they decide to leave those characters or those series or movies then things will completely change for the fans. The fans at all times loved them for the year of their work and character, however, they try to give a perfect reason.

The same happened with the actress Ellen Pompeo who is well known for her character in Grey’s Anatomy. When the news related to her departure from the series came forward then the fans went crazy. They did not even expect it or nearly did not accept it. However, the actress herself appeared before The Drew Barrymore Show.

According to Ellen Pompeo, she is 53 years old and her mind sometimes goes white. She wants to do something new with a new character and that’s the reason why it becomes quite a puzzle. She gave 19 years to this particular job and also to being a mother and having kids.

Here’s what Ellen Pompeo had to say about Grey’s Anatomy Coming Out After 19 Years.

Ellen Pompeo
Vanity Fair

And that’s the reason why she said: “I mean 19 years, this is more than people keep their kids at home. People keep their kids at home until they’re 18 and then send them off to college, so that’s like me going to college.”

The actress talked about how she is a mother of three kids and has to take care of them. And for her, it’s more important than anything in the present scenario as she wanted to be with them in all situations.

The final episode released in February 2023 and that’s the reason why it has created quite a lot of buzz amongst fans about whether she will reprise the role or not.

The actress is certainly very grateful and humble related to her role and getting support from her family. She is also happy to have gone 19 seasons as Meredith, Ellen Pompeo’s character. The actress said:

“I am eternally grateful and humbled by the love and support you have all shown me, Meredith GRAY, and the show for 19 seasons!” Speaking a bit about her character Meredith, she said: “She has to get away a bit to do something. Hulu show”