Taylor Kinney will mark his absence from the Chicago Fire. In recent times we have seen many actors leave certain characters or series or films that they once signed.

The fans liked them in the characters they’ve been portraying for a long time. However, sometimes situations go out of favor and that’s why why her living has become the only option for these actors. Talking particularly about any series then Chicago Fire is currently talking related to Taylor.

Taylor Kinney portrays a fearless firefighter character for 11 seasons. Chicago Fire had many pillars and undoubtedly, Taylor was one of them. He came to the reason behind leaving the series is because of his personal issue which is simply revealed to the production. A question related to how long he will go with the series is not confirmed.

The leaves will affect his character but an official announcement has not been made yet. This week we will see Kelly and Stella do some firehouse issues. It means that these characters are at least on good terms related to the past decision to leave Kelly for major issues.

Here’s What More Taylor Kinney Said About Leaving Chicago Fire.

    Taylor Kinney

The departure is certainly one of the bad news that the fans have received but they should gain hope because this absence is not permanent. Taylor Kinney will absolutely return at some point in the franchise. It will be marking some twists and turns in the first episode.

Not only him but also co-creator Derek Haas also decided to leave Wolf Entertainment after 11 seasons. However, he will be focusing on the point of some new shows and committing to the episodes of FBI: International and Chicago Fire. Derek said:

“I learned everything I know about storytelling, pacing, characters, production values, and hiring the best cast, crews, and staff from Dick Wolf and Peter Jankowski, and how hard it is to leave a place you love and call home. over ten years, including incredible support from Universal Television, NBC and CBS, I look forward to building my own brand in entertainment.”