Fan of teenage action movies? I’m sure you have heard of the Divergent series. Well, the author of the Divergent series is back with another book, Chosen Ones. And what’s more, this book will even be turned into a movie!

Chosen Ones is Veronica Roth’s first foray into Adult Romance. This book became as famous as the divergent series. The producer, Erik Feig, who also produced the Divergent Series, bought the film rights to this book! Many speculate that he may reunite with the original Divergent team to bring us another blockbuster hit!

Release Date: Selected

Veronica Roth unveiled her new book in 2020. The news for the film based on this book arrived a few weeks back. We can assume that the production has not started yet. In addition, the coronavirus pandemic has gripped the world. There are production delays around the globe. With the virus showing no signs of slowing down, we can assume that production won’t resume anytime soon.


Meanwhile, the writers even have to come up with a script. This delay could lead to production starting as late as 2021. Unfortunately, this means that the film won’t hit the screens until 2022!

Cast and Characters of the Show

No cast and crew announcements have been made for Chosen Ones. We know that five superstars will be the main cast for the upcoming film. In addition, many expect that the cast of the Divergent series will return. However, considering how successful Veronica Roth’s books are, sources say she will choose the crew herself. We just must wait and see. In the meantime, we will keep you posted on any updates!

Plot: Chosen

The story is like a famous fifth grade book. The story revolves around five teenagers. However, the protagonist is Salone, one of the main members of the five. The five teenagers have a mission to defeat an evil entity known as the Darkness. Moreover, a prophecy of fifteen years ago gave them for this journey. The Dark One is equipped with many dangerous weapons and wants to bring destruction to America. However, the five manage to rise to the challenge and are able to defeat the Dark One.

One would expect that to be the end of the movie, right? Wrong! Viewers are getting a bigger treat. After defeating the Dark One, the teenagers become famous. They thought that their only purpose in life was to defeat the Darkness. The five believe they’ve fulfilled their destiny. However, Solane continues to find secrets from her past. Ten years after defeating the Darkness, one of them will die. Which one will it be? We just must wait to find out!

Trailer: Chosen

Considering that the film has just been born, it’s absurd to expect a trailer anytime soon. However, we know that this new movie will instead be like the Divergent Series. Erik Feig’s style is bound to stay the same. The trailer for Divergent is below.

That’s all for today. Don’t worry; we will keep you updated with more updates. Until then, keep reading with us!