Will Smith continued to show appreciation for his former co-star Jamie Foxx recently. The actor posted a thread of fan made posts to speak about how awesome the African American actor is.

It all happened on Saturday evening, March 4, 2023. Will Smith decided to open his Instagram and post a wall for his good friend Jamie Foxx for his hard work in the industry.

The thread included posts that included captions talking about the actor’s exceptional work in the Hollywood industry so far.

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Will Smith Praises Jamie Foxx for Being Talented.

Will Smith

The Concussion actor took to his Instagram with an enormous fan following of 62.9 million followers to share his feelings about how talented his former co-star Jamie Foxx is.

Here’s the Instagram post we’re talking about.

The caption above the video reads, “Jamie Foxx doesn’t get enough credit for being casually the most naturally talented person in the world.”

It looks like Will feels the same way about his beloved friend as he shared the entire thread on his Instagram.

The videos include the following – a scene from the 2004 Ray music video, a live performance of a hilarious song about The Brady Bunch, and even a pretty funny parody of America’s former president, Donald Trump.

Finally, there’s a clip from the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where Jamie is doing a rendition of Rihanna’s B***ch Better Have My Money.

More On Will Smith’s Post For Appreciating His Friend Jamie Foxx.

Will Smith

Under the post’s caption, Will Smith wrote, “iamjamiefoxx is BHARMA!!! Singer, Actor, Comedian — THE TRUTH!”

Jamie must have loved the post too much as he wrote the following words in the comment box,

“This means everything that comes from you… I’ve been in the artistic trenches with you. I know what you are made of. I know what you have given us so many incredible films, and shows… you have done so much for culture… you have been instrumental in my progress. … I’m 10 feet down, no matter what goes down… my brother from Philly is BIG WILLY!! Oh BTW see you in PARIS”

Will and Jamie share a bond that dates back to 2001. Both starred in the film Ali which was released in 2001.