Marvel recently released Werewolf By Night which is a Halloween Special directed by Music Composer and debutant director Michael Giacchino. And It is among the first horror projects ever made by Marvel Studios but after watching it the maximum fans are confused about whether it is going to be part of the MCU Canon or not.

About the Special Halloween Werewolf AT NIGHT

So if you have not seen the Halloween Special yet, I want to stop here as in this article we can share some spoilers about the movie.

Werewolf by Night is the story of a community of Monster Hunters whose main leader is now dead and the society has now decided to choose their new leader who will use a really powerful weapon called Bloodstone.

As the hunt begins our main character Jack Russell (Gael García Bernal) who is half Werewolf or Werewolf By Night and was also called to compete in the hunt together with Elsa played by Laura Donnelly, tried to help the monster since this was his main plan, just to save the – a monster.

In the end, Elsa tried to help Jack and killed nearly every hunter and took control of Bloodstone with the help of Werewolf and the other monster named Tedd.

Werewolf By Night it is really astonishing and its stories and narrative are really very different and dark. So fans are wondering if she is part of the MCU canon or not.

Will it be part of the MCU canon?

As the story of the series began with the voice-over about the legendary superheroes of the MCU, so the story of Werewolf is a kind of part of it. But I do not think the series characters will appear in any mainstream MCU series or movies anytime soon.

night werewolf and moon knight
Marvel Studios

Since the MCU is actually not that dark and is a PG-13 universe. But as we know Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has really pushed the boundaries of PG-13 and characters like Blade, Daredevil and Deadpool have already been announced as part of MCU and daredevil appeared in She-Hulk Episode 7.

So it’s quite possible that we can see Russell and Elsa in upcoming projects of MCU could be in Blade or Moon Knight Season 2.

Werewolf By Night is airing Disney+.