The poster for Work Later Drink Now Season 2 has been revealed.

Work Later, Drink Now is a South Korean web series starring Lee Sun-bin, Han Sun-hwa, Jeong Eun-ji, and Choi Si-won. It is based on the Kakao Webtoon’s Drinker City Women by Mikkang.

From 22 October to 26 November 2021, a total of 12 episodes from the first season were broadcast on TVING. Later in 2022, TVING will broadcast the debut of the second season.

The drama “Work Later, Drink Now” shows the story of three women who saw life as one drink a night. The first season of “Work Later, Drink Now,” which aired back in 2021, was an enormous hit as viewers were romantically connected to the three female friends who rely on drinking to get them through each day in – their complex and unpredictable life in the busy city of Seoul.

As a result of the large success of the first part, the series “Work More Drink Now” returns with season 2.

Work Later Drink Now Season 2 Poster

Work Later Drink Now season 2

The three female lead characters in a positive poster announcing the return of “Work Later, Drink Now” wrap up as they prepare to face new twists in their lives, including new and old people, in addition to more rounds of drinks. and nibbles.

The upcoming version will focus on the love lives of the three female leads who play a trio of best friends while letting them express their individuality through a stroll down the street. With promises of mayhem, humor, and friendship, the main characters will, obviously, be making a comeback.

The recently released posters clearly show their closely related comeback, and the actors use ingenious posters to claim their territory. One banner simply reads “RIĆI,” while the other thanks the show’s audience for their patience by saying, “Thank you for waiting.

In 2022, let’s try for the second round!” In the poster we can see the three leading ladies walking the streets, flipping their hair and showing themselves as confident as ever.

The leading ladies of the drama are Lee Sun Bin, Han Sunhwa, and APink’s Eunji. South Korean singer and actor, Lee Sun Bin is famous for starring in the drama “Squad 38” (2016), “Missing 9” (2017), and “Criminal Mind” (2017). She was an early member of the South Korean girl group JQT.

On the other hand, Han Sun-hwa generally known as Sunhwa, was a former member of the group Secret and eventually Jeong Eun Ji, a singer, songwriter, actress, radio DJ, musical actress and actress of -the South Korean voice is probably the most well-known members of the group Apink.