Released a year before the Xbox Series X, Gears 5 is taken into account another good entry within the Gears of War franchise. The single player campaign adds some interesting features to the cover series of satisfying cover shooter games that use Jack’s advanced robot friend and explore the stunning world.

At that time, more players were better than ever, with the intensive mode of three players, Escape, which joins the established co-op mode Horde and competition types of death games.

Having a large land to explore allows for new additions to the formula, which includes subtle gameplay and race combat. When things get really complicated, players can call upon gathering spirits or friends as many players. Most importantly, the Elden Ring looks incredible and works amazingly well on the Xbox Series X.

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Xbox Series X

In addition to allowing you to drive around a world 50% larger than the previous installation, Forza Horizon 5 integrates a custom local weather system in numerous biomes that reflect weekly seasonal changes.

The experience all the time feels player-driven (no pun intended), the game feels truly personal, as a result of the deep customization of the car and the ability to adjust mechanical options.

Between the single-player story engines and the staggering number of multiplayer offerings that see regular updates, there’s enough content for this arcade-focused racer to last a long time.

Xbox Series X price in India is ₹ 49,990 and Xbox Series S price in India is ₹ 34,990. Restoring the Xbox Series X is not going to be easy anytime soon. Getting the Xbox Series X has been a little bit of a challenge over the past 12 months.

It is speculated that by mid-2022, the situation may improve. Xbox Series ended the year 2021 with a bang! Unfortunately, it is really difficult to buy the Xbox Series in India as a result of distribution issues, and Microsoft has not commented on this situation. We’ll keep our fingers crossed on the Flipkart and Amazon pages in the hope that we’ll be lucky enough to buy the Xbox Series X in India!

The next generation Xbox Series X and Series S consoles have better graphics technology than what is currently available. This is anticipated with the new generation of consoles, but the difference this time is that Microsoft and Sony have incorporated solid-state drives in their new systems with the PlayStation 5.

Since the original Xbox in 2001, the latest consoles launched with hard drives are much slower than the latest consoles. SSDs are much faster than traditional hard drives with regards to uploading data.

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