Kitty has many love options as she struggles with affection for Dae, Yuri, and Min Ho (Sang Heon Lee).

Life in KISS is up in the air as secrets are discovered, and a few awkward discussions affect everything. In the new spin-off series XO, Kitty follows teenager Kitty Song Covey (Anna Cathcart) as she goes to Korea to reconcile with her long-distance lover Dae (Minyeong Choi), who attends the Korean International School of Seoul, or KISS for short.

Kitty also goes to KISS to feel closer to her adopted mother, who went there when she was Kitty’s age.

By the season’s conclusion, the show had solved many of its mysteries but also created a few new ones, creating the perfect start to a sophomore season. So let’s get into the central questions of the final.

Xo, Kitty Ending Explained

Kitty gets fired from KISS?

What, Kitty?

Unfortunately, Kitty gets kicked out of the Korean boarding school. Kitty is caught sleeping in the boy’s dorm when a teacher notices her going on the boy’s notice board to see if she passed her final.

Principal Lim (Yunjin Kim) informs Kitty that she has violated the terms of her scholarship by staying in the boy’s dormitory. As a result, they decided to kick her out of KISS permanently.

However, the program gives us hope that Kitty will return for an additional term. When Kitty meets Yuri (Gia Kim) at the airport, she contacts her mother, who happens to be Principal Lim and asks her to reconsider firing Kitty. Kitty’s readmission depends on the renewal of the show.

Who does Kitty end up with?

What, Kitty?
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Kitty has many love options as she struggles with affection for Dae, Yuri, and Min Ho (Heon Lee sang).

By the last episode of the season, Kitty has decided to follow her heart and start to understand what this means by choosing not to be with anyone.

By the season’s conclusion, the strongest romantic choice is between Kitty and Min Ho, in which the enmity for lover trope is prevalent. Min Ho does not like Kitty at the start of the season.

Anyway, as they spend more time together, Min Ho starts to develop feelings for her, which he tries to disregard by dating Madison, which fails because of his feelings and since she does not want a relationship.

Kitty and Min Ho sit next to one another on the plane in XO’s closing scene; Kitty and Kitty tell him that she and Dae aren’t any longer together.

As a romantic comedy, the show relies on building tension between these two all season, as Min Ho takes the opportunity to tell Kitty he loves her, leaving her surprised in her seat as the -credits are earned.

Who is Simon in XO, Kitty?

What, Kitty?

Before leaving KISS, Jina sends Kitty a letter she got from her mother when they were still best friends.

Eve talks about how attending school has improved her life but mentions a mysterious character named Simon. Unfortunately, this is among the unanswered mysteries.

However, it leaves the viewers and Kitty to believe that the person could be someone her mother predeceased her father or possibly her first love. Season 2 will reveal who the mysterious Simon is.