Yellowstone Season 4 Update: The main thing here is, if Jamie Dutton left this series, where the name of the series is Yellowstone. And also, he left the series, for what reason he left it’s more important for the audience here.

Let’s see why: apparently cutting ties was the main thing for Jamie Dutton. And, Jamie was invested in his family in this series, and also he really abandoned.

Yellowstone Season 4: Review

After watching 3 seasons, there’s a lot to like and dislike about the show. Excellent casting. John Dutton (Kevin Costner), Kaycee (Luke Grimes), Rip (Cole Hauser), Rainwater (Gil Birmingham), and others.

The ladies in this are absolutely beautiful or sexy. My special favourite would be the delicate feminine beauty Pocahontas Monica Dutton (Kelsey Chow) closely followed by the hottie Governor Lynelle (Wendy Moniz).

Hey season 2 even gets super sexy Kelly Rohrbach comes in for like 2 minutes! There is loads of stunning scenery, animals, and a wide variety of all country music.

Yellowstone season 4

The romantic pairings were pretty well done – Kayce and Monica, Rip and Beth, John, and Lynelle. Too bad we do not see Rainwater have any native American hotties as wives, daughters, or girlfriends.

The first season gets off to a slow start, setting up what could be an explosive feud storyline but failing on several occasions on numerous levels to lay any real groundwork of interest.

Because of the unfinished plotlines, many people will go into Season 2 to determine if they missed something only to realize that there are more plotlines that lead nowhere. Why are the characters’ personal stories and plotlines just trashed without a suitable ending or conclusion? Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) is meant to come off as a powerful and dangerously competent woman but instead she comes off as a misguided wreck who cannot even help herself or her family stay together let alone anything. She is a very good actor but unfortunately a wasted one (pun intended).

Some More Important Review

Season 2 picks up the tempo and gets things really going on the feuds as you have the wonderful Neal McDonough as Malcolm Beck. Unfortunately this Jenkins (Danny Huston) is also another character who could have made a real difference but is relegated to obscurity.

And just when you feel that you’re getting a good lingering climax you are shot dead flat in the first episode of Season 3. But Season 3 gives everything a more explosive step and is most likely the most interesting Season. It’s got some pretty cowgirls, sexy attorneys, and obviously our favourite Monica Pocahontas for eye candy.

The main problem with the first 2 Seasons is that it makes John Dutton look strong and believable every other character becomes weak which utterly destroys the power of the drawing and the believability of the character. Kevin Costner is a class act and he did not have to make others look bad to look good.

The series needs more charming ladies (not psychopaths like Beth please) who can complement the political testosterone. I started watching this as I was a fan of Dallas but Yellowstone is nothing like Dallas or even on the same level.

Yellowstone needs to actually get off their lazy asses to reach where Dallas has gone. Would like to see 20 more seasons of Yellowstone if they get their scripts right, fast paced and interesting, and stop treating the audience like cattle that are pushed here and there.