Yellowstone Updates: Created by Taylor Sheridon and John Linson, Yellowstone is an American television drama series. Apart from being the creator Taylor Sheridon is also the one who made it. The show premiered on Paramount Network on June 20, 2018.

John Vohlers and Michael Polaire produced this neo-western drama series. Yellowstone was renewed for a fourth and sure final season in February 2020 by Paramount. This announcement about the renewal was before the premiere of the third season of the series.

Plot and Storyline Of Yellowstone

Yellowstone shows both good and bad aspects of living in the United States. It focuses on a family, Dutton who has the biggest ranch in the whole United States. The plot revolves around the conflicts between the family and those who want to grab their land. His family lives where there isn’t any media coverage, murder cases are unsolved and politicians are brought in by business companies.


In the previous season of the series, the Dutton family seem to get short shrift in the battle to save their cattle ranch. John Dutton, the head of the family was left bleeding in the street and the future of the kids seems uncertain. There is plenty of family drama together with a brisk twist in the plot.

Future Series:

Fans are concerned about how the series will end and how many more seasons of Yellowstone can be anticipated. The creator, Taylor Sheridan hinted that he knows how to conclude the series even after the jaw-dropping cliffhanger in the third season.

The series gained more fandom with the third season and because of no certain news, there’s an opportunity that more seasons will be aired in the future.

The Cast is filming the next season with the exact guidelines for the Coronavirus pandemic and therefore, the next season could hit the screens next year.

Paramount has announced that it plans to focus on movies in the future and Sheridan has also shown that there isn’t any use dragging Yellowstone. Therefore, the future of the series is quite uncertain as it will come to an end at some point.

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