Yoo Ah In, the Korean actor, is now being investigated for the illegal use of propofol. We have seen how celebrities normally get some news related to some rumors that aren’t true.

But if some controversy follows them and it appears to be real then it can destroy their career endlessly.

Whether it’s related to any accusation made against them by any other person or an appropriate investigation that resulted in any criminal activities. However, if it’s not criminal then some things that aren’t normal in public can affect them.

The same happened with a Korean actor named Yoo Ah In. According to the report, this male movie star Yoo Ah In is currently under investigation by the police for the use of propofol. The report goes to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on February 6, 2023. It was related to the violation of the Narcotic Control Act.

As a result of this investigation, the police agency has stopped him from leaving the country until the time he’s given. It was also revealed that the police went to many various hospitals just to find actor Yoo Ah In.

As soon as he entered the holding, an appropriate investigation began. The Police also asked the National Institute of Scientific Investigation to examine the actor’s body hair for confirmation.

Yoo Ah In Held Under Investigation Using Illegal Substance Propofol.

Yoo Ah In

An appropriate statement was also given by Yoo Ah In’s agency. It was confirmed by the agency itself that he was being investigated. Even although it’s a common type of medication it can still cause some dangerous effects.

Especially, it goes with South Korea then the substance is completely illegal. The country defines this drug as a psychotropic drug and its consumption is completely illegal.

Yoo Ah In was born on October 6, 1986. Besides being an actor, he’s also a creative director. He has proven himself not only in the tv industry but also in several films with dynamic characters. His active years count from 2003 and go with agents called United Artist Agency and StarK.

The actor was also a freelance writer and editor-in-chief of Fashion magazine. It was back in 2017 when the actor was revealed to have a bone tumor which is the reason why he delayed his military service.

Later on June 27, 2017, his military service withheld the exemption after he failed five medical exams.