Will there be You Season 5 or Season 4 at the end of the series? The story of the psychotic lover Joe Goldberg recently got a 4th season. And even although the story may seem repetitive to some viewers, most will not deny the indisputable fact that with each new season, Joe appears to be back in action.

Our favourite heroic villain of all time, Joe is at it again. He is now in London and repeats his hobby of killing people. But this time, it seems that somebody is plotting against him.

Who is the person who has the courage to play Joe Goldberg who seems to haven’t any boundaries in terms of killing innocent people for his own betterment? You’ll must watch the series for that, we will not spoil it for you.

And as the second part of the 4th season dropped on March 9, viewers are now asking the question whether there will be a 5th season of the long-running series or not.

If you are one of them, you’ll find an answer in this article. Scroll down further to find out if Joe Goldberg and his killing spree will return for season 5 or not.

Joe Goldberg is planning to Return with Season 5 of the Netflix Original Series, You?

You are Season 5
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The second installment of streaming giant Netflix’s psychotic thriller series, You is here. And the die-hard fans of Joe Goldberg’s world have already seen it. And the question on their minds now is, will Joe return with season 5 of You?

To be very honest, there isn’t any concrete answer to this question. Netflix has not given anything to links for season 5 of You. But this doesn’t mean that there isn’t any possibility of this.

Netflix has not officially said that season 4 of You will be the last one for the series. And this sends the viewers of the series on a path that there will most likely be a season 5.

Will Netflix invest in you Season 5?

You are Season 5
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You’re one of Netflix’s most popular series. The OTT giant does not must spend much on its advertising either and the Joe Goldberg fandom will still watch it without missing a single episode.

And this becomes the reason that Netflix you must be willing to invest in You season 5 of the series. Even showrunner Sera Gamble confirmed it. She said they’ve an idea for season 5.