Zachary Quinto, Kim’s co-star, has a really different perspective on the matter.

There will be a return of Zachary Quinto on American Horror Story. Actor Zachary Quinto, 46, told People he was appearing in a guest starring role before revealing this Kim Kardashian he had joined the cast.

Zachary, who portrays Chad Warwick in Murder House, Sam in NYC, and Dr. Oliver Thredson in Asylum, amongst other roles in the anthology, said at the Tribeca Film Festival that he would return in a minor capacity for the episode l -most recent of American Horror StoryDelicate.

Kim Kardashian, a well known reality TV personality, will debut in the highly anticipated American Horror Story Season 12 as a fake series. As previously reported, the American socialite will collaborate with the famous Hollywood star Emma Robertswho is returning to AHS, to play a significant part in the series.

However, the participation of the Kardashian star in the cast ensemble is not warmly received by the viewers of the show, who believe that it was miscast.

As you may know, Kim Kardashian was cast in one of the critical parts of American Horror Story Season 12, which drew criticism from those who feel the truth TV star is incapable of acting.

Zachary Quinto, Kim’s co-star, has a really different perspective on the matter. Actor Zachary spoke candidly about sharing the screen with them The Kardashians star in the series after recently confirming to People that he’s playing a significant cameo role in AHS.

Kim was seen carrying a copy of the show’s script when she walked into a Bev Hills meeting last month. She looks like she’s playing the acting game seriously, and Zachary says she sure does.

Returning to AHS, Zachary Quinto praised Kim Kardashian’s performance.

Zachary Quinto

Although the specifics of Kardashian’s AHS part are being kept under wraps, co-creator Ryan Murphy previously stated that it was created with her in mind.

Kim is probably the most well-known and prominent television personalities in the world, and we are thrilled to have her join the AHS family, according to Murphy.

“Emma and that I are delighted to work with this genuine cultural force. Halley Feiffer wrote a playful, fashionable, and finally awesome character, specially for Kim. This season is ambitious and in contrast to anything we have ever done.

The sole writer and showrunner of Season 12 is anticipated to be Feiffer. Delicate will be based partly on Danielle Valentine’s upcoming novel Delicate Condition, which marks the first for the series.

AHS: Delicate will even be released this summer, even though a selected date has yet to be made public. Kim Kardashian has already surprised us with her acting skills before.

The lawyer appeared in several episodes, including “CSI: NY,” where she portrayed Debbie Fallon, the bride of a assassin. She also made appearances on the tv shows “Beyond the Break,” “Last Man Standing,” and “Drop Dead Diva.” Kim is prepared to go for her first role in a big movie.