Zendaya shared a romantic moment with Tom Holland while they were enjoying time in Venice!


Zendaya gives boyfriend Tom Holland a sweet kiss during a romantic trip. There are many celebrities right now who are enjoying their life through any tour or travel.

Whether we speak about these trips that go with their family or with friends, they try to solve everything on the ground very much.

The same is the case of many Hollywood celebrities who were currently out with their partner on a romantic trip. And that’s the reason why we saw them together sharing some romantic views.

The same happened recently with the 26-year-old actress Zendaya. She appeared with her 26-year-old boyfriend Tom Holland while they were there in Venice.

They appear to be redefining the definition of a young couple in love during the latest outing. The actress was seen kissing and hugging her boyfriend as they appeared on a boat in Venice Italy. They were also there together with the black dog.

Talking about their outfit for the day then Zendaya was wearing a matching blazer that came with a matching top. She was wearing black pants with black boots while keeping her hair down.

Here you can look at some pictures of Tom Holland and Zendaya from Venice Vacation.


The glasses were adding flavor to her seemingly makeup-free look. While on the other hand, Tom Holland was wearing a denim jacket with black jeans and brown boots. He was also seen with sunglasses but the actor is not wearing them but they rest on his head.

This outing of the couple took place a few days after they appeared in the NBA Playoffs. They were there together as a viewer or audience.

The couple appears to be very relaxed at that time while watching the game and at the same time getting involved and having some funny conversations between them. Talking about their fashion style then a casual style was going with their look which included a baseball cap and a sweatshirt.

Zendaya and Tom Holland recently appeared together at Usher’s residency concert. And that is the reason why we saw her upload a video on her Instagram story where she was singing together with the singer.

In the same performance or concert, we saw the actress being very romantically involved with the actor Tom Holland.